Hi, I'm Carol. Ragdoll is my alter ego, my social media character that I created to escape from reality and enter a sort of fantasy-like world I call, "Playland". In Playland, I play dress up and make art. I collect vintage costumes/props, Lisa Frank coloring books, 80's inspired stickers and board games.


I grew up in a small town in south Texas.  Growing up there was an adventure!  So many hole in the wall vintage and antique stores. I was obsessed as a kid. My thought bubbles would burst with creative, glittery ideas. My imagination would run wild like butterflies in a field of bright red poppies.

The possibilities of how to wear, where to wear, when to wear.... it was all so magical, magnificent and ecstatically amazing. I was most fascinated with the "ugly" clothes.  I loved to wear the unexpected. People at school usually had something to say about my weird outfit each day, but I didn't care. I was confident that we would all eventually see something identical in Vogue one day. :) 

In 2004, I attended The University of Texas, Austin. I majored in Textiles and Apparel Design - Bachelor of Science. I spent two summers interning in New York for designer Betsey Johnson and Burberry USA.

Once I graduated from college, I decided to venture to Los Angeles, California. I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. I knew it was a high mountain to climb, but I was determined. I worked temp and freelance jobs for companies like GUESS, SCALA and The Celestine Agency. In my spare time, I took fashion illustration classes from former Mattel Barbie designer, Brett Doherty.In October 2010, I landed an Import Production job at Junk Food Clothing. What a great 5 year learning experience it was. I managed major accounts like Gap, American Eagle, The Children's Place, Top Shop, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters. I traveled to Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic to visit print/sew/cut facilities. I flew to New York, Miami and San Francisco to meet with customers at the HQ office. Then, in November 2015- I decided to leave the company to start a new chapter in my life.....