Carol Chavana is best known for her alter ego Ragdoll. She created Ragdoll as a way to escape from the controlling processes which were dominating all aspects of her existence. After graduating in Textile and Apparel Design from The University of Texas at Austin, she worked for various fashion houses designing, illustrating and managing production. She felt stifled by the consumer capitalistic driven nature of her profession and how it had manifested into her daily life.

Carol employed her alter ego to face the capitalist exploits and conspicuous consumerism which were seizing control of her existence and her surroundings. By channeling her alter ego Ragdoll, she started to subvert consumerism through redefine the implicit tacit assumptions imbedded in our capitalist driven society. She sought refuge by seeking out second-hand items and by repurposing them to transform her environment. Later she leveraged her web presence to help educate others on ways to subvert our societies conspicuous consumption.

Carol's alter ego is depicted in her various artist mediums, DIY tutorials, and her web presence. Her framed canvas paintings are created from second hand paintings she has purchased from thrift stores and repurposed. Her late 1920’s apartment known as the Pink Palace, she refurbished into transitional art space, which she created from vintage and thrift store items. Her photography (playtography) depicts the catalog of vintage fashion items she has collected and brings them to life through narrative nostalgic driven storylines. Through her web presence she brings Ragdoll to life through her illustrations and her embodiment of her alter ego, Ragdoll. By embodying Ragdoll, she also offers easily digestible DIY tutorials and provides suggestions on tools to help others escape the debt driven nature of our society.